Джойстик nVR2 JSM только управление движением

Описание товара:
Drive-only systems comprise of a compact Power Module and an extremely well-styled Joystick Module.
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Код товара
Вес, кг
Вес брутто, кг
Габариты (см)
170 x 90 x 170
Описание товара
Power Module with 60A current rating
Connector position reduces overall footprint
Patented drive-control algorithms (eFWD)
Extremely compact Joystick Module
Improved maneuverability in tight spaces
Reduced likelihood of sustaining damage
Intuitive and easy-to-access user controls
Highly-visible charger socket
The compact Joystick Module is the latest addition to the VR2 wheelchair controller family. It is the perfect option for small to mid-range drive-only wheelchairs. The design delivers the most compact Joystick Module ever offered.

Improved usability and maneuverability

The guiding principle behind the Joystick Module design is to try to make some everyday tasks easier to accomplish for the wheelchair user; for example, driving up to a table or maneuvering through a door way. As such, the compact design of the Joystick Module lends itself perfectly to indoor use, where maneuvering the wheelchair can be more difficult. The simple and easy-to-access user controls make the Joystick Module the ideal candidate for first-time wheelchair user, patients with limited hand movement or children.
Вес, кг 0,4
Вес брутто, кг 0,5
Код товара 3039
Габариты (см) 170 x 90 x 170
Артикул D51571CK
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